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Evira: Cases of animal neglect on production farms up

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira reports that there was an increase in cases of the abuse of farm animals last year. Meanwhile, the Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for Animals) has released new video material documenting substandard conditions at three animal production facilities.

Broileritila Pohjanmaalla toukokuussa 2014.
A broiler production facility in Pohjanmaa where activists discovered animal protection violations. Image: Oikeutta eläimille

According to the Food Safety Authority's annual report, the most violations of animal protection regulations were found on fur and cattle farms, as well as at broiler production facilities. The largest number of cases, nearly half of the total, were at broiler facilities. Almost half of the 132 broiler farms inspected were found to contravene regulations. 

Of the 244 cattle farms inspected, breaches were found on 27%, slightly more than in 2012. On one cattle farm, urgent measures were implemented to secure the animals’ welfare. Practices contravening animal welfare regulations were found on one-fifth of the inspected pig farms, which was fewer than in 2012.

With fur-production animals, the number of breaches found fell clearly from 2012, but remained relatively high at 33%. However, only 24 fur-producing farms were inspected, which is fewer than in previous years.

New activist video

The Finnish animal rights organisation Oikeutta eläimille (Justice for Animals) on Tuesdayreleased new video material documenting violations of regulations at one broiler production facility in Pohjanmaa, as well as at a pig farm and a cattle barn both in Pirkanmaa.

The footage of the broiler production facility shows a large number of birds, some of which are dead or dying. At the cattle bar, cows and bulls were found to be chained in such a way as to severely restrict their movements and calves were being kept in cramped wooden box-like stalls.

At the pig farm, the animals were discovered in dirty, cramped, concrete pens. Many had open wounds, as well as eye and leg injuries, according to the organization.

Oikeutta eläimille is demanding action be taken by animal protection authorities. The video material was filmed during the month of May, some of it last weekend.

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira received the video on Tuesday morning. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate regional administrative authorities responsible for inspection and enforcement of animal protection regulations.

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