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Ex-Finns Party youth leader convicted of hate speech

Sebastian Tynkkynen has become the fifth Finns Party politician to be convicted of online hate speech.

Sebastian Tynkkynen(ps.) odottaa Oulu käräjäoikeuden aulassa rikosjuttunsa käsittelyn alkua.
Sebastian Tynkkynen in court on Jan. 11. Image: Tiina-Leena Kurki / Yle

A local Finns Party politician in Oulu was convicted of incitement against an ethnic group and breaching religious peace on Monday.

Sebastian Tynkkynen is the former chair of the populist Finns Party youth wing and a deputy member of the Oulu City Council.

Oulu District Court convicted him of hate speech based on three anti-Islamic Facebook posts last summer. He was ordered to delete the texts and pay a fine of 50-day fine, which amounts 300 euros based on his income. The Finns Party youth organisation says it is appalled by the ruling.

Tynkkynen first came to national attention as a competitor on the reality TV show Big Brother in 2011. He ran for the local council the following year, falling short of earning a seat but winning enough votes to be listed as an alternate. In 2015 he ran unsuccessfully for Parliament, and this spring is running again in local elections. In 2014 he was elected as the party's third vice-chair but the following year his party membership was temporarily revoked after he called for a party vote on whether to remain in government.

He becomes the fifth Finns Party politician to be convicted of online hate speech.

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