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Ex-Oulu politician convicted of ethnic incitement for third time

Former Oulu councillor Junes Lokka, who proposed "death patrols", was convicted of ethnic agitation for a third time and fined 420 euros.

Människor sitter i en möteslokal. Junes Lokka i Uleåborgs stadsfullmäktige 2017.
Junes Lokka at an Oulu city council meeting in 2017. Image: Yle

Former city councillor Junes Lokka has been convicted of incitement against a group of people for a speech to the Oulu City Council in February 2020.

According to the prosecutor, his speech publicly threatened asylum seekers and immigrants.

Lokka submitted a proposal to the Oulu City Council, both in writing and orally, in which he proposed that the "Safe Oulu" project be rejected, and that the money be used to encourage people to move away from the city and to hire "death patrols".

The meeting was broadcast live on the council's YouTube channel but later removed from the site.

Lokka, who lost his council seat in the June municipal elections, also faces charges relating to four counts of defamation and invasion of privacy.

Prosecutor sought probation, court opted for fine

The prosecutor had demanded at least two months' probation for Lokka for incitement against an ethnic group. However, the Oulu District Court ruled that the case could be resolved with a fine, ordering Lokka to income-linked day fines totalling 420 euros.

Prosecutors had argued that fines were no longer sufficient, as Lokka had been convicted of similar offences in the past.

Lokka has previously been convicted of incitement for videos published on his YouTube channel in 2016 and 2017. District and appeals courts ruled that the videos insulted and slandered Muslims and immigrants on the basis of their religion or origin.

He still has the right to appeal this latest judgement.

The Moroccan-born Lokka, 42, says he moved to Finland in 2005.

He and his fiancé, a current Oulu councillor, have their own political group called Aito suomalainen yhteislista, which translates roughly as "the genuine Finnish constituency association".

The tabloid Iltalehti was first to report on his latest conviction.

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