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Fake movie prop euro notes in circulation, Finnish police warn

Using counterfeit money is a criminally punishable offence that can carry a prison sentence of up to a year.

Elokuvareksviisittana käytetty 20 euron seteli.
Image: Hämeen poliisilaitos

Clearly-marked movie prop fake euro notes have been used to pay for purchases in southern Finland, according to a warning issued by the Häme Police Department on Monday. Häme central police station is located in the city of Lahti, about 100 km northeast of Helsinki.

The bills in question are 20- and 50-euro notes and clearly labeled with the text: "This is not legal. It is used for motion props only." Despite the disclaimer on the bogus bills, police said some of the notes had been successfully used as a form of payment.

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Elokuvareksviisittana käytetty 20 euron seteli.
Police are warning against fake "movie prop" 20-euro bills that are in circulation. Image: Hämeen poliisilaitos

Lahti case

Häme police said that a young man from Lahti was recently caught trying to pay a hotel bill with a counterfeit 200-euro note. Police said the man had another eight similar fake euro bills in his possession, which were marked with Russian text that read: "This is not real money."

200 euron setelin jäljennös.
Courtesy of the Häme Police Department Image: Hämeen poliisilaitos

According to police, the suspect said he had purchased the bills from an online store which police refused to identify. The man is suspected of using counterfeit money.

Authorities warned that using movie prop bills or any other type of fake currency is against the law and can lead to fines or even up to a year in prison.

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