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Farmers’ paper: Food “cleanest” in Finland

The European Food Safety Agency has determined that Finns consume the purest food in the European Union.

EU food safety watchdogs say the food in Finland is safest to eat. Image: YLE/ Lasse Laitinen

According to a report in the farmers’ union paper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, a fresh study by the European Food Safety Agency EFSA indicates that the food in Finland is cleaner than anywhere else in the EU.

The study looked specifically at residual pesticides in food and found that apart from Finland, food in other Nordic countries and Austria was most likely to be free of pesticide residues.

According to the findings about 72 percent of Finnish food products contain no traces of pesticides, compared to about 50 percent in the entire EU.

Foods produced according to organic farming practices are usually the cleanest of farm produce. The highest level of pesticide residues was identified in foods from outside the EU, particularly in imported fruits and vegetables.

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