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Finland Attracting More Exchange Students

Finland is attracting more exchange students from abroad. According to the Centre for International Mobility, CIMO, a total of 8,191 exchange students or trainees enrolled in Finnish institutions of higher education last year; this is 500 more than in 2005.

The number of foreign students in Finland is growing faster than the number of Finnish exchange students abroad. Last year 8,610 Finnish students went to other countries to study, an increase of over 100 over the previous year.

Nearly one in four Finnish university students, and about one in eight students at polytechs do at least part of their studies in a foreign country.

The favourite target countries are still Germany, the UK, Spain, and Sweden. However, the share of European countries has declined in the past couple of years, with more students choosing Asian countries, such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.

Nine out of ten students coming to Finland from abroad are from a European country.


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