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Finland enjoys warmest Mother's Day on record, temps of 30C predicted for Monday

A temperature of 27.7 degrees Celsius was recorded in the southern city of Kouvola on Mother's Day, and even warmer temps are forecast for Monday.

auringonottajia Kumpulan maauimalassa
Helsinki residents at the Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool on Sunday Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Finland saw temperatures shoot up to more than 25 degrees Celsius on Sunday everywhere but in Lapland, says public broadcaster Yle's meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

The balmy day also brought the warmest temperature ever recorded in Finland on a Mother's Day: 27.7 degrees Celsius in the southern city of Kouvola.

Huutonen says the previous record was set in 1996, when a temperature of 26 degrees was noted in the southern inland cities of Salo and Lapinjärvi. Records of Mother's Day temperatures go back to 1960 in Finland.

This Sunday, the Finnish Meteorological Institute reports that it measured a temperature of 25.6 degrees in the eastern city of Lappeenranta already at 11 am.

Yle's Huutonen predicts that there are even warmer days ahead, as the mercury could soar to 30 degrees on Monday in southern and central areas.

He says that Finland will enjoy the warm summery weather until at least Wednesday, especially in inland areas. After this mid-week marker, the clouds may return, making things a bit cooler and possibly bringing rain.

"Even so, the temperatures will stay above 20 degrees for the whole week everywhere but in the north," he says.

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