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Finland, Estonia, Sweden to examine 'new evidence' in 1994 cruise ship tragedy

New images show damage on the starboard side of the M/S Estonia. The catastrophe claimed 852 lives exactly 26 years ago.

Estonian hylky
Image: Yle

The foreign ministers of Finland, Estonia and Sweden have agreed to jointly assess new evidence regarding the 1994 sinking of the cruise ship M/S Estonia.

According to a joint statement published by Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, new underwater video images of the ship's wreck, shows "damage on the starboard side" on the vessel. The footage was part of a Discovery Network documentary about the disaster.

The wreck, a protected site, is located in international waters, some 41 km from Finland's Utö island. Monday marked exactly 26 years since the M/S Estonia sank, claiming 852 lives.

The ministries said Finland has agreed with Estonia and Sweden to verify the new information presented in the documentary.

"The fundamental idea with this agreement is to protect the M/S Estonia, as a final place of rest for victims of the disaster, from any disturbing activities. Our countries will cooperate closely in this matter and Estonia as Flag State will lead this process," the ministry statement read.

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