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Finland may see 25C heat next week

Temperatures in Finland will start rising on Monday, potentially reaching 25 degrees Celsius by Wednesday and Thursday.

Aurinko porottaa kirkkaalta taivaalta
Recent chilly weather has delayed the return of some migratory birds. BirdLife Finland says cool conditions have slowed the migration of insect-eating birds, in particular. Image: Esko Jämsä / AOP

Next week, Finland will leave recent chilly conditions behind. By midweek, thermometers could reach Finland’s elusive 25-degree-Celsius heat threshold, according to Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

"Let’s say we’ll at least get close to 25 degrees and may even surpass it," Huutonen said

While Monday’s conditions won’t differ much from Sunday’s, Huutonen said southern areas will already experience signs of the weather turning, as the mercury could rise to 20C in some parts.

"By Tuesday we’ll surpass 20 degrees in large areas of southern and central Finland, possibly even in Kainuu," he explained.

Lapland will still see rain and sleet on Tuesday, but warmer temperatures are also in store up north.

By Thursday, most of the country will experience 20-degree weather, including southern and central areas of Lapland.

"It’s been chilly for so long that I’d imagine nature to fast-forward now," he added.

Temperatures will cool slightly as the weekend approaches.

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