Finland sees warmest New Year’s Eve on record

Finland looked forward to the New Year in the warmest conditions on record for the day. The mercury rose to a surprisingly balmy 8.9 degrees Celsius in Jomalaby in the Åland Islands. The mild conditions will be short-lived as glacial temperatures are set to creep in.

Kaksi miestä kalastaa sumun keskellä.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Saturday’s New Year’s Eve "heat record" was registered in Jomalaby in the Åland Islands, when daytime highs reached 8.9 degrees Celsius.

The reading at the Jomalaby monitoring station was more than half a degree warmer than the same day in 1975, when the previous record of 8.3 degrees was set, also in the Åland Islands, but this time in Mariehamn.

While the archipelago typically enjoys milder weather conditions, mainland Finland also ushered in the New Year in warmer than usual weather, noted Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström. She added that warm New Year’s Eve weather typically ranges from five to seven degrees above zero.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute also flagged the exceptional conditions, taking to Twitter to point out that highs in Turku and Espoo reached 7.6 and 7.5 degrees respectively. Parts of Finland were even warmer than New York, the institute pointed out.

Glacial chill to stretch across country

The warm weather didn’t extend throughout the country, however, as residents of Enontekiö in northern Finland contended with temperatures of -19.1 degrees Celsius.

Those kinds of conditions are set to continue in the north and temperatures are expected to drop to 25 degrees below freezing on Monday.

The deep freeze will take hold in central Finland on Sunday and will progress south on New Year’s Day causing temperatures down south to fall below zero during the afternoon.

Skies will clear on Tuesday, making for even chillier conditions with -10 degrees a distinct possibility in southern Finland.

The arctic spread will tighten its grip on Wednesday as temperatures in central Finland drop to between -25 and -30 degrees Celsius. Thursday will be no better as lows in the south will also fall to below -15 degrees.

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