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Finland to bask in warm weekend weather 

Conditions will heat up with every passing day and weekend highs will be in the 20s across the country.

Uimareita Espoon Oittaalla 12. heinäkuuta 2020.
Enjoying the water at Oittaa, on the southern shore of Lake Bodom in Espoo. Image: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

Finland is beginning to heat up again after an extended spell of chilly wet weather. After a warm day on Wednesday, the trend is set to continue through Thursday and into the weekend.

"Starting from Friday [temperatures] will be 20 degrees and higher through nearly the entire country. In parts of the south temperatures could reach 25 degrees this weekend," Yle meteorologist Anssi Vähämäki said.

The persistent showers that plagued holidaymakers in recent weeks are now a thing of the past he added.

"There’s a small risk of isolated showers in the west and north, but no heavy rains are on the horizon. There is no sign of high winds in the forecast."

Vähämäki shied away from offering a prediction for the beginning of next week. However he said that initial information suggests that conditions will cool again and become unsettled after Sunday.

"I can’t say whether or not there’ll be another nice warm spell later in the summer," Vähämäki said.

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