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Finland to participate in NATO crisis management drills in October

Finland will participate in NATO's CMX17 crisis management exercises next month, according to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Finland joined NATO's Partnership for Peace in 1994 and has regularly taken part in the consultation and decision-making drills since 1998. The drills do not involve deployed forces, according to the ministry.

Liput liehuvat
File photo of NATO headquaters in Brussels, 2015. Image: Julien Warnand / EPA

Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced that the country will take part in NATO's CMX17 crisis management exercises on October 4 - 11 as a NATO partner participant.

The drills are based on a fictitious scenario and do not involve any deployed forces, the ministry said in a press release issued on Thursday.

"Participants from Finland include the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Command Finland and the Mission of Finland to NATO in Brussels. The exercise supports the cooperation Finland and Sweden conduct with NATO," the ministry stated.

EU also taking part in NATO exercises

Apart from the NATO Headquarters and Strategic Commands, civilian and military staff from missions to NATO in allied and partner capitals will take part in CMX17, the ministry said.

The EU will hold a simultaneous exercise called EU PACE 17 which will be coordinated and conducted in parallel with CMX17.

The ministry said EU PACE 17 is part of developing cooperation practices between the EU and NATO.

CMX are a regularly-occurring consultation and decision-making drills and in addition to NATO members, participants this year include Finland, Sweden and the European Union.

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