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Finland to probe whether dual citizenship poses a threat to national security

Ministers have called for an enquiry to determine whether civil servants with dual citizenship pose a threat to national security. The matter was discussed by the cabinet’s foreign and security policy committee Thursday.

Suomen passi pöydällä.
Image: Yle

Ministers in the administration’s foreign and security policy committee want to find out which government posts and tasks could be compromised by the loyalty and fidelity of officials holding dual citizenship.

On Thursday the group of ministers agreed to investigate whether or not civil servants with dual citizenship could pose a risk to national security.

The Interior Ministry has previously conducted a broader analysis of the possible problems that could arise from dual nationality. That move was prompted by a sharp increase reported in the number of Russian nationals awarded Finnish citizenship, as well as Russia’s stated intentions to more closely monitor Russians holding foreign passports.

Currently some 60,000 people in Finland hold dual citizenship, one third of them Russians.

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