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Finland to roll out lane-specific speed limit trial in 2021

Authorities aim to increase the flow and safety of traffic by setting different speed limits for right and left lanes.

Autoja monella kaistalla ruuhkassa.
From the beginning of next year, the speed limit on parts of Finnish national road 1 may be lower in the right lane. Image: Petteri Bülow / Yle

Finland plans to introduce lane-specific speed limits on sections of the national road 1, a highway linking Helsinki and Turku, starting in January 2021.

On a trial basis, the speed limit on the left lane between Ring Road I and Ring Road III could be 20 kilometres per hour higher than that of the right lane. This would be implemented on usually congested sections of the national road.

In the future, authorities want to experiment with different speed limits for different lanes at the same time with an aim to increase the flow and safety of traffic.

Speed limits may be modified depending on weather and road conditions or traffic volumes.

The speed limit on the designated section is intended to be maintained at 100 kilometres per hour whenever conditions permit. However, when traffic is congested, it could be first dropped to 80 and then to 60 kilometres per hour.

The new speed limit signs are currently being installed on the section of Turunväylä between Ring Road III and Munkkivuori.

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