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Finland unable to pay full compensation to farmers, residents for predator-caused damage

Officials say a lack of funds have forced the agency to cut compensation sums by more than one quarter across the board this year.

File photo of dead reindeer killed by wolverine. Image: Tuomas Palojärvi

Residents and farmers who've been approved to receive compensation for damage caused by predators will not receive the full amount this year, the Agency for Rural Affairs announced on Monday.

Every year predatory animals like bears, wolves, wolverines and lynxes damage millions of euros worth of property and livestock in Finland, prompting farmers who raise animals like reindeer and other claimants to apply for compensation.

Payout total of 7.3 million euros

The compensation payments, which amount to some 7.3 million euros this year, will be reduced to 74 percent of the sums that were originally approved.

The agency says that there are not enough funds in state coffers to pay the original agreed-upon amounts, according to a press release issued Monday.

Decisions on compensation amounts are made by local rural business authorities.

The rural affairs agency said that this year's payments will start to be made on 11 May, but said there could be payment delays of a few days due to banking traffic issues.

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