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Finland Votes: Join the Yle News election debate

Looking for the lowdown on Finland’s election this April? Then watch our election debate on Monday 25 March.

Video: Yle News holds an election debate on 25 March 2019.
Yle News hosts the main political parties to debate their election promises and positions. Video: Yle

This April Finland elects a new parliament and ahead of that poll Yle News is hosting an election debate featuring all of the major parties to grill them--in English--about their plans for Finland’s future.

So if you're concerned about the climate, worried about your wages or enthusiastic about education, our debate on Monday 25 March at 3pm is a must-see event.

Representing the Left Alliance we have Veronika Honkasalo, a party vice-chair and city councillor from Helsinki who works as a researcher and says she combines ‘stubborn commitment with political cooperation’.

From the Finns Party vice chair Laura Huhtasaari is joining us, claiming that she wants to avoid ‘the problems of immigration’.

Our Centre Party participant is Kimmo Tiilikainen, who currently serves as Environment Minister and says he wants to work toward sustainable development.

Antton Rönnholm is the Social Democratic Party secretary and has worked for several top social democrats. He is not a candidate in this election.

National Coalition MP Elina Lepomäki is an outspoken advocate of free markets and has even developed her very own model for welfare reform.

Anders Adlercreutz represents the Swedish People’s Party, bringing his brand of liberal politics to parliament. He’s currently an MP from Uusimaa.

Our Green debate participant is Olli-Poika Parviainen, a first-term MP running for re-election from the Pirkanmaa constituency. Parviainen is currently vice chair of the Greens' parliamentary group.

Aki Ruotsala joins joins us from the Christian Democrats, and he’s hoping to be elected from the Vaasa constituency.

And the Blue Reform representative is Tiina Ahva, who serves as the party’s third vice-chair.

Our general election coverage includes a really simple guide, the ‘election compass’ which shows you which candidates most closely reflect your views, a series of in-depth podcasts on each of the nine largest parties, and of course up-to-the-minute results on election night itself, 14 April.

You can follow the debate from 3pm (1pm GMT) on Monday 25 March right here at, via our Facebook page and on Yle Areena. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #YleNewsDebate.

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