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Finland will see white Christmas, meteorologist says

Finland will be blanketed in snow over Christmas and subzero temperatures will keep most of the white stuff on the ground for weeks, says an Yle meteorologist.

Maisema Kolilla ja kynttilälyhty
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Clear, crisp winter weather is in store as of Thursday, bringing a spell of subzero temperatures lasting through the holidays.

Kittilä in Finnish Lapland had the most snow cover on Thursday, with 30 centimetres of powder piling up. Western coastal areas and the capital region had the least fluff, with just five centimetres on the ground.

Flurries have been blowing through the Åland Islands with precipitation from open waters raining down as ice crystals, bringing nine centimetres of fresh powder to the region.

"But overall, there’s less snow than usual for this time of year," said Yle meteorologist Toni Hellinen.

Icy temps ahead

In southern and western Finland the mercury will drop to a maximum of minus five degrees Celsius on Thursday, while temperatures will range from minus five to minus ten degrees Celsius in the rest of the country.

Friday and Saturday will bring snow showers to the southern coast, according to Hellinen.

As the weekend approaches temperatures nationwide will hover around -10 degrees Celsius, with the exception of Finnish Lapland which will hit -20 degrees.

White Christmas

On Monday, Christmas Eve, meteorologists forecast overcast skies and minus-ten-degree air, with some sunshine possibly making it through the cloud cover.

New Year’s revellers nationwide can meanwhile look forward to ringing in 2019 in subzero temperatures.

In southern areas, temperatures may periodically climb to zero in the week between Christmas and New Year.

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