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Finland's airports re-evaluate security after checkpoint breaches in Germany

Finavia is reviewing its practices after two recent incidents in German airports where individuals passed through security without being checked appropriately.

Matkustajia Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla.
Image: AOP

Finland's national airport operator Finavia says it is reassessing airport security processes after two security process failures took place in Germany.

Earlier this week a French family passed through security at the Frankfurt Airport, despite having tested positive for explosives. The breach led to a two-hour evacuation of the airport, including the emptying of all the departing planes on the tarmac. The family in question was eventually located in the terminal, re-checked and allowed to continue on their journey after being cleared.

A similar incident took place in late July at the Munich Airport, when a woman with a handbag walked through a security checkpoint without her bag being checked.

"The situation in Germany has caused us to look at our own processes and refine our practices at security checkpoints. I want to emphasize that this is standard protocol when something like this happens in the world. Passengers can rest assured that travel through Finavia airports is safe," says Finavia's security director Ari Kumara.

Kumara was reluctant to comment on the recent incidents at the German airports because details of those security breaches are not widely known. He did say however that airport security practices differ from country to country, even if European Union member states follow common legislation on the matter.

"Here in Finland, Finavia is doing its best to make sure that something similar to this never happens. Nothing like this has ever taken place before. We have certain backup systems in these kinds of scenarios," he says.

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