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Finland's blue & white around the world for centennial celebrations

Dozens of landmarks, great and small, around the world will be illuminated on Wednesday in honour of Finland's 100th Independence Day.

Probably one of the most impressive shows on Wednesday's list will be in Rio de Janeiro, where according to information received by Yle, the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer will be bathed in blue and white light, possibly to resemble the Finnish national flag with a blue cross on a white field.

The lighting up ceremony there is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM local time.

Kristus-patsas Rio de Janeirossa.
Image: AOP


Another western hemisphere landmark that will be lit in Finland's honour is Niagara Falls, on the US-Canada border, which will glisten blue and white for 15 minutes, starting at 10 PM local time.

Niagaran putoukset
Image: Quentin Bargate / AOP

Getting a head start, the ski jump at Norway's famous Holmenkollen winter sports centre will be illuminated Tuesday evening, beginning at 6 PM CET and remain lit through Finnish Independence Day on Wednesday. The Finnish flag is to be raised alongside the Norwegian flag at 9 AM and lowered at sunset at 3 PM.

Holmenkollen valaistuna.
Image: Hakon Mosvold Larsen / EPA

Greece and Finland share national colours, but this Tuesday and Wednesday when the Arch of Hadrian in central Athens is bathed in blue and white it will be to mark the centenary of Finnish independence. That is to take place between 4 PM and midnight EET on both days.

Hadrianuksen kaari Ateenassa
Image: Alexandros Vlachos / EPA

San Francisco, California, will see a Finnish flag flying over its City Hall on Wednesday and the building's facade illuminated blue and white from 4:15 PM local time until midnight.

City hall San Francisco
Image: John G. Mabanglo / EPA

A number of Australian landmarks will join the colour-fest and perhaps the most striking will be Brisbane's Story Bridge. The over one-kilometer-long span will be illuminated in Finland's honour beginning at 6:32 PM, continuing until dawn at 4:45 AM. Also, in Brisbane, Victoria Bridge, Kurilpa Bridge, and the city's cultural centre will all be illuminated.

Story Bridge Brisbanessa.
Image: Dave Hunt / EPA

In the capital, Canberra, the Telstra Tower, the Old Parliament House, Malcolm Fraser Bridge and the Questacon National Science and Technology Centre will be illuminated. Blue and white lighting will also play over Adelaide Town Hall, Hobart's Railway Roundabout fountain and Perth's Trafalgar Bridge.

Belémin torni
Lisbon's Belém Tower will be illuminated in honour of Finnish Independence Day on Wednesday. Image: Andre Kosters / EPA

Elsewhere in the world the list includes, but is not limited to, landmarks in Mexico City, Astana, Kazakhstan, Buenos Aires, Addis Ababa, Maputo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Istanbul as well as in most, if not all of the member countries of the European Union.