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Finland’s forests are now full of birdsong – test how many birds you can name!

Summer wouldn’t be complete without the daily and nightly chorus of tweeting, warbling and chirping in both countryside and towns alike, as Finland’s bird population hits its peak. Take our quiz to find out how many of this country’s feathered inhabitants you can recognise from their songs.

Sorsan poikanen eksyi perheestä (mutta löysi takaisin!)
A duckling paddles his way back to the fold. Image: Tuula Salonen

Click below to hear each bird's song. There’s a picture hint too in case you fly into difficulty.

And of course, don’t forget to tweet your score!

2 points for a right answer from just the sound or just the picture
1 point for a right answer using both the sound and picture
0 points for a wrong answer
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Sources; Suomalainen Lintuopas, 11th impression (2006), WSOY; Yle. Pictures: Kari Soveri (1), Mika Kimmo (2), Juha Laaksonen (3, 4, 5, 10), Sami Kiuru (6), Ritva Tarkki (7), Pentti Kallio (8, 9).

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