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Finland's government sacks Prosecutor General after nepotism conviction

The Finnish government has decided Prosecutor General Matti Nissinen, whom courts found guilty of misconduct, is no longer fit to continue in his position.

Matti Nissinen
Matti Nissinen Image: Markku Pitkänen / Yle

Finland’s government has dismissed Matti Nissinen as Prosecutor General following his conviction of official misconduct by the Supreme Court in December.

Justice minister Antti Häkkänen said on Wednesday that Nissinen is no longer fit to continue at his position and proposed his dismissal.

“Credibility is an essential part to the functioning of the office," the minister said.

The government agreed, stating that the Prosecutor General represents an institution that requires particular trustworthiness.

Nissinen had hired his brother’s firm to provide training services to the prosecutor’s office, which Finland's Supreme Court found intentional as the rules on conflicts of interest have no room for interpretation.

Despite the conviction, Nissinen did not lose his job and did not step down voluntarily. He returned to his post in December after a three-month suspension, as he felt he had “a lot more to give”.

The ministry of justice will start the search for new Prosecutor General shortly.

Nissinen will be paid accordingly for the six-month dismissal notice period, and he is free to appeal the dismissal to Finland's Supreme Administrative Court.

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