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Finland's hospitality sector reaches collective agreement

Negotiations between employers and employees in the hotel, restaurant and leisure services industry came to an end on Sunday when an agreement on terms of employment was reached.

Image: Laura Tolonen / Yle

The federation of hotel, restaurant and leisure service business owners, the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa, and the Service Union United PAM that represents 230,000 employees in Finland's service sector finally reached a labour agreement on Sunday, ending nearly a month of non-agreement after previous collective agreements in the sector expired on January 31.

The agreement reached will be backdated to come into effect as of February 1. The agreement still requires the approval of both groups' administrative boards before it becomes official, however. The specifics of the collective agreement, which will be valid for the next two years, will only be available after this.

MaRa CEO Timo Lappi said the talks were drawn out and difficult this year, as both parties to the negotiations had collected a long list of demands and objectives over the last few years, when Finland's on-going recession prevented things like wage increases.

"Despite these challenges, the negotiations took place in a constructive spirit," he said.

The hospitality sector is PAM's second-largest agreement sector, and in addition to hotels and restaurants, it encompasses such organisations as pharmacies, call centres, the Finnish National Theatre, and Finland's amusement parks.

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