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Finland's rare May hot spell taking thunderous break

This past week's unusually high temperatures and sunny skies will go on hiatus beginning with showers and thunderstorms in some areas on Thursday afternoon.

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With the exception of parts of Ostrobothnia and western areas of Lapland, rain and thunderstorms are expected across most of Finland towards the end of the day Thursday and into Friday.

Isolated thunderstorms will hit southern Finland on Thursday evening, according to Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

The precipitation system could bring as much as 30 mm of rain to the area, but Huutonen said that overall, the rain will not amount to much.

Following the rainy interlude, a high pressure system will bring more sun and warm temperatures this weekend, and the summery weather is expected to continue across much of the country next week.

Huutonen said a high pressure zone will stream in from the south, bringing temperatures to around 20 degrees in many places next week.

"Those are really good temperatures for May," Huutonen said, adding that the mercury would not reach the highs of 30 degrees that Finland experienced during the past week.

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