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Finland's relaxed car inspection laws go into effect

Owners of brand-new vehicles are now able to wait four years before having to head to the inspection centre.

Katsastusmies tutkii auton pohjaa
File photo. Image: Heikki Rönty / Yle

Starting this week, drivers will not have to get their personal-use vehicles inspected as often as they used to. Now, intervals between inspections are longer for newer vehicles, too.

A new law which expanded the periods between mandatory inspections of privately-owned vehicles in Finland went into effect on Sunday.

The law means that newly-purchased vehicles will not have to be inspected until the vehicles are four years old. After that milestone, those cars are to be inspected every other year until the vehicle is ten years old.

Cars older than a decade in age will still need to be inspected every year.

EU-wide change

The new rules - which are based on an EU directive - are being rolled out by Finland's Transport Safety Agency in stages.

Even now that the new rules are in force, vehicles that were on the roads prior to 20 May must first be inspected according to the old system before being approved for the longer-term inspection intervals.

This means that cars need to be inspected one more time according to the old laws before drivers can forget for a few years about making an appointment for required inspections.

From this week on, the deadline for a vehicle's follow-up inspection will be given at the initial inspection.

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