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Finland's strawberry season shorter than usual this summer

Strawberry lovers should get the seasonal fruit now, according to the Finnish fruit and berry growers association.

mansikoita rasioissa mansikkarasiat kypsiä mansikoita mansikka mansikat
Image: Katja Halinen / Yle

This year, the strawberry season in Finland is occurring early and is shorter than usual. Miika Ilomäki from the fruit and berry growers association said the season should last about 3-4 weeks.

“The first week is now gone, but the season will continue until the second or third week of July,” he says.

If the weather continues to be mild with occasional rain, strawberries could be available as late as the end of July, according to Ilomäki. "However I’d recommend heading to the sellers now," he adds.

Johanna Matilainen, a strawberry farmer from the southern Finnish town of Tuusula, said the season began exceptionally early this year.

”This is the first time we decided to keep our doors open to customers over the Midsummer weekend. It has been very busy here,” she says.

The hot and dry early summer was a challenge to strawberry farmers, with crops requiring extra irrigation.

"In terms of size, strawberries will not be as big as in previous years, but they are quite sweet," Matilainen says.

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