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Finlayson gets between the sheets with Tom of Finland 

On Thursday textile company Finlayson launched a series of bed and bath products featuring Tom of Finland's homoerotic art. Given the recent global success of Tom of Finland stamps, these duvet and pillow covers are likely to be a global hit.

Finlayson Tom of Finland sheets
Tom of Finland by Finlayson features artwork by one of the world's best-known artists on a series of sheet, pillow cases and towels. Image: Finlayson

One of Finland’s oldest textile companies, Finlayson, has teamed up with the estate of the artist known as Tom of Finland for a bed and bath series of sheets, towels and accessories bearing the illustrator's popular homoerotic drawings. 

Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991), or Tom of Finland, is one of Finland's best-known artists, with a massive international following. When the Finnish postal service Itella launched a series of stamps in spring 2014 featuring Tom of Finland images, pre-orders came from 178 different countries with Sweden, Britain, the United States and France topping the list. On the first day the online store selling stamps was open, it crashed due to overwhelming demand for the stamps.

The Tom of Finland by Finlayson line with 2 prints "Fellows" and "Face to Face" will initially be available in Europe, the US and Australia. In 2015 the selection of items will be expanded to include other items.

"The Tom of Finland by Finlayson textile range is a tribute to Touko Laaksonen, who is one of the best-known Finnish artists on the international scene," says Jukka Kurttila, Finlayson's CEO.

In June 2014 Finlayson Oy was purchased by Kurttila, Petri Pesonen and Risto Voutilainen from funds managed by the capital management company CapMan.

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