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Finnair introducing biofuel flights

Finnair plans to start its first flights using a mix of biofuel and regular aviation fuel next week. According to the company, the first planned flight, from Amsterdam to Helsinki will be the longest commercial flight ever made using a biofuel mix.

Finnairin Airbus A320 -kone laskeutumassa Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalle.
Finnairin Airbus A320 -kone laskeutumassa Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalle. Image: Yle

Under an agreement signed between Finnair and the supplier SkyNRG on Wednesday, Finnair will take delivery of 20 tons of the special fuel, which should suffice for three to four flights, depending on the aircraft and the load.

Aviation authorities have approved fuel mixes containing up to 50% fuels refined from bio-sources. Finnair is thought to be the first commercial carrier in the world to use such a mix in both engines of its aircraft. Up to now, most trial use has involved only one aircraft engine.

In addition to supplies from SkyNRG, Finnair is negotiating on purchases from Neste Oil.

The biofuel elements produced by SkyNRG are refined from waste cooking oil.

The German airline Lufthansa is also to start partial use of biofuel for flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg on Friday. Lufthansa's supplier is the Finnish company Neste Oil.

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