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Finnair plane makes emergency landing in Sweden

Finnair sent an empty plane from Helsinki to carry the 139 passengers on to Manchester.

Finnair Airbus A319 Lappeenranta talvi
The plane is an Airbus A319 with a seating capacity of 144 (file photo). Image: Jari Tanskanen/Yle

A Finnair aircraft en route from Helsinki to Manchester made an emergency landing in Stockholm on Saturday. Finnair communications director Päivyt Tallqvist says that there was a problem with cabin pressure.

She notes that a plane must be brought down safely as soon as possible whenever a pressurisation fault is detected.

"The landing took place normally and the 139 passengers are now waiting at Arlanda Airport as we send an empty plane from Helsinki to take them onward," says Tallqvist.

The emergency landing took place about 40 minutes after take-off. The Swedish capital is some 400 km south-west of Helsinki Airport in Vantaa.

The passengers are expected to arrive in England about four hours late. The original departure from Helsinki was 15 minutes behind schedule.

The plane is an Airbus A319 with a seating capacity of 144. The flag carrier has eight such planes.

The tabloid Ilta-Sanomat was first to report the incident.

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