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Finnair sacks employees for using customer logins to access Wi-Fi

As many as 100 employees of the national carrier are suspected of inappropriate use of the in-flight service.

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National airline Finnair has dismissed employees believed to have illicitly used passenger codes to access the internet during flights, Finnair communications team has told news agency STT.

Jari Toivonen, chair of the Finnish Cabin Crew Association, SLSY, has said that he is aware of the issue.

He added that he had no information about the number of employees who had been let go. He noted that Finnair had already informed personnel that it would continue to look into the matter during the course of this week.

Finnair also told STT in an email that it would not comment on the number of staffers who were given the boot.

Up to 100 employees under suspicion

The company suspects that up to 100 employees used Wi-Fi login credentials assigned to customers without permission, resulting in a situation where passengers themselves could not use their access codes.

In such cases customers were given new logins so they could use the in-flight service. The abuse of the system came to light as the company investigated an individual case.

A few weeks ago, Finnair director of communications and corporate responsibility Arja Suominen told STT that no data security breaches had occurred as a result of inappropriate use of the Wi-Fi service.

Tabloid daily Iltalehti first reported on the employee terminations.

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