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Finnair thwarts attempted frequent flyer point-stealing scam

Finland's national airline Finnair has announced that it had foiled an attempted scam of its frequent flyer programme Finnair Plus. Finnair said that the perpetrators had succeeded in acquiring the frequent flyer points of 16 Finnair Plus members but said the points have since been returned to their rightful owners.

Finnairin lentokone.
Image: Sven Hoppe / EPA

According to a press release issued by Finnair on Wednesday, scammers managed to steal frequent flyer points from the accounts of 16 Finnair Plus members.

How the scheme was carried out exactly remained unclear on Thurdsay, but the company says the hackers had opened a phony corporate Finnair Plus account and somehow used it to link to the personal accounts of 16 of the programme's members in order to access their Plus points.

Finnair said the company took immediate action when it became aware of the breach on Tuesday morning.

The stolen Finnair Plus points have since been returned to their rightful owners and the company carried out additional security measures on its systems, according to the press release.

The company also says it has revised its computer systems in order to prevent a similar incident in the future and has reported the breach to the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Finnair said that it has notified all 16 affected Finnair Plus customers and said the worry the incident had caused customers was regrettable.

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