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Finnish couple wins Wife Carrying World Championships

Finland has retained its international dominance of the arcane sport of wife carrying.

Video: Kristiina Haapanen ja Taisto Miettinen juhlivat Eukonkannon maailmanmestaruuttaan Sonkajärvellä 6. heinäkuuta 2013.

This year's Wife Carrying World Championships, held Saturday at Sonkajärvi, saw yet another victory for five-time winners Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen of Espoo.

The toughest competition came from Estonia and the UK. The silver medal went to Estonia's Alar Voogla and Kristi Viltrop, who finished the gruelling course a mere 0.2 seconds behind the Finnish winners. Third place went to Britain's Matt Witko and Hattle Archer.

"Yes, it was great to win for a fifth time. No one has ever done that before," Taisto Miettinen was quoted as saying in an organizer's release. "Maybe we'll be back next year to defend the title again."

Altogether 47 couples took part in the race for the coveted title.

The Finns also won the team event that consists of a three-man relay carrying one woman. The top team was made up of Jaana Haavikko, Joni Juntunen, Mika Suomalainen and Toni Hynynen.

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