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Finnish donor gives UNICEF record 6 million euros

The Finnish Committee for the United Nations Children's Fund says it has received the largest private cash gift ever contributed to UNICEF from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Pikkupoika, jonka olalla on muovikasseja, kulkee telttakylän tunkiokasan editse.
Two million euros of the donation will be channeled into emergency aid to Syria. Image: Nabil Mounzer / EPA

The donor explained in a posting on the website of Finnish UNICEF Committee that the decision to provide the funds came after seeing images of the conflict in Syrian and of children being pulled from the ruins of buildings.

According to Finnish UNICEF communications chief Kirsi Haru, around 2 million euros of the donation will be channeled to Syria, while 1.5 million euros will go to help children in Vietnam and Bolivia. The rest was to be used for general aid purposes.

UNICEF received the donation, the largest ever from a private individual, last year. Some of the funds were distributed in 2016, while the rest will be spent this year.

"If I can help even one person, then good. Through UNICEF, luckily, I can help many," the donor was reported as saying.

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