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Finnish electric supercar turns heads in Monaco

After Thursday’s unveiling at the Top Marques car show in Monaco, the automotive press is talking about the 1MW Toroidion electric-powered concept sports car. Auto designer and Toroidion founder Pasi Pennanen created the gull-winged car in Pohja, a village in southern Finland.

Toroidion 1MW Concept
Image: Toroidion

The Toroidion battery-powered car boasts a 1,341 horsepower engine, but at the moment is only a concept car and apparently still needs to undergo road testing.

The name of the vehicle, 1MW, stands for one megawatt, and its power is purported to rival the Swedish Koenigsegg One supercar. Unlike the Koenigsegg, though, the 1MW is powered only by electricity.

While details about specifications of the engine and battery technologies remain scant, the automotive press world took notice of the car at its unveiling in Monaco on Thursday.

International press starts to take notice

After the unveiling, wrote: “Matching the output of the Koenigsegg One:1, the Toroidion 1MW is a hand-built concept that promises to offer ‘scalable performance’ and was built with lightweight components.”

Yahoo autos wrote “the Toroidion should be plenty quick; what makes it unique is the supposed system that would make the batteries hot-swappable during racing.”

On the Toroidion website, Pennanen was quoted saying that his goal was to create an electric car that could compete in the GT classes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Pennanen has spent the past 20 years in the automotive industry developing and building concept cars and production models, the site read.

Toroidion's blurb on the Top Marques car show's website reads: "The new, innovative, ultimate performance electric powertrain is suitable for comfortable daily driving as well as for serious Le Mans racing, where safety and performance comes first."

With so little information at this early stage, it’s impossible to say if Pennanen and his sports-class electric 1MW – or perhaps future creations – just might someday become a rival to the current media-buzz leader in the electric sports car world, Silicon Valley-based Tesla Motors.

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