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Finnish grocer to open online food retailer in China

Food retailer Kesko is set to open an online store in China in collaboration with Chinese company Alibaba. The new outlet will aim to bring Finnish food brands to Chinese consumers.

pirkka, fazer ja paulig
Image: AOP ja Fazer

The K-Group, one half of the Finnish grocer duopoly, is set to open an online retailer in China. The firm says it will initially include products from Finnish brands including coffee firm Paulig, chocolate giant Fazer and the berry merchant Kiantama.

Kesko says the product range is set to expand in the coming months to offer Valio, Raisio and its own-brand Pirkka products. The Chinese conglomerate Alibaba will be a partner in the joint venture.

"China has the world's largest and most advanced e-commerce food market, from which we will learn valuable lessons. We will develop the online store with our partners in an agile way and in a start-up spirit," Mikko Helander, K Group's President and CEO, said in a statement.

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