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Finnish invention slashes ship emissions

Finnish energy conservation firm Eniram has been selected as one of the best European clean technology companies of the decade by the Cleantech Group. The Finnish firm's software is in high demand to help ships cut fuel use and emissions.

Legend of the Seas.
Legend of the Seas navigated into Helsinki harbour with help from Finnish technology. Image: Yle

Some 200 cruise ships around the world currently boast clean technology innovated and produced in Finland. Eniram is enjoying high international demand for its software, which helps big ships keep their emissions down.

The provider of the tech is Eniram, a company that provides energy conservation and analytics services. The Cleantech Group, which supports the development of clean technology, recently selected Eniram as one of the top European clean technology companies of the decade.

"Our energy management systems advise crews on how to operate their ships in order to achieve fuel savings," explains Eniram product manager Leo Laukkanen.

The firm says the system can reduce fuel use by as much as 10 percent. It estimates that some 32,000 passenger cars' worth of emissions are effectively being avoided in ships using the software, as only the minimum amount of energy is needed to propel the vessels forward.

Real-time advice at sea

One of the vessels equipped with the system is Royal Caribbean International's cruise ship Legend of the Seas, which visited Helsinki this week.

The ship's First Officer, Croatian-born Adrian Florea, told Yle that before the system was installed, it was much more difficult -- if not impossible -- to optimise fuel consumption.

"With this, the data system is calculating all the time, is giving us advice for RPM, how many RPMs we need to put on the engines in order to reach the point where we want to go in time," he says. "In the past, we basically concentrated on arriving at our destination on time."

In May, the system was recognized as one of Europe’s ‘Cleantech Companies of the Decade’ by the Cleantech Group (CTG), a firm which has offices in the UK and US.

Finland hopes to become a world power in the cleantech sector exemplified by Eniram's technology. It already outpunches its weight, accounting for an estimated one percent of the sector worldwide, while Finland's GNP is only 0.4 percent of the world economy.

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