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Finnish Meteorological Institute: March temperatures frostiest in five years

Finland’s wintertime fends off the approach of spring as the Finnish Meteorological Institute reports on an exceptionally cold March.

jäisiä pyykkipoikia
Clothes pins covered in early morning frost on Saturday 31 March. Image: Teemu Salonen / Lehtikuva

The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI has reported that most parts of Finland were 2 to 5 degrees colder than average during the month of March. The highest deviations were recorded in Eastern Finland and Northern Lapland.

Statistics show that the last time March reached such frosty temperatures was five years ago in 2013.

The highest temperature in March was registered in the Åland Islands on 25 March where locals enjoyed 8.6-degree weather. Meanwhile, the coldest reading was recorded on 7 March among the rolling fells of Lapland in Kevojärvi, where the temperature reached a biting -35.7 degrees.

Rainfall in March was measured at 20mm in southwest Finland and Lapland, and 50mm in North Karelia. In Lapland and southwest Finland rainfall was half of what could normally be expected for the traditionally sprig-like month of March.

Snowfall was also exceptionally abundant. Toward the end of March, the southwestern coast remained under 10cm of snow, meanwhile areas in the North Karelia and Kainuu region were covered by a heavy blanket of snow that measured over a metre deep.

According to FMI, the area of central Finland, from the westerly province of Ostrobothnia to North Karelia on the eastern border, enjoyed a rare 30cm more snowfall than the March average.

And sunshine during the days of March was more frequent than usual, reaching 194 hours in the archipelago island of Utö, almost 60 hours above the average.

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