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Finnish military conducting 'urban warfare' training drills in Helsinki region

Residents in the greater Helsinki region may catch glimpses of soldiers outfitted with full combat gear on the streets of greater Helsinki, as the Finnish military conducts a five-day military training drill, which starts on Monday. The exercises aim to train troops in urban warfare to defend Helsinki and the Uusimaa district, according to the Finnish Army.

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Image: Yle/Bubi Asplund

The Army's Guard Jaeger Regiment is coordinating a five-day urban warfare training drill in the greater Helsinki area and Tuusula.

About 450 Finnish troops are taking part in the exercises, who will be outfitted in full combat gear as they move about the cities.

Conscripts, reservists and personnel will be coordinated from the Guard Jaeger Regiment on Santahamina island military base in eastern Helsinki.

Loud noise from munitions likely

The regiment's spokesperson Tiina Mönttönen said the troops will be using training munitions which can be quite loud.

The exercises may cause traffic problems too, but Mönttönen said the aim of the drills is training, not to disrupt the lives of residents.

"The troops will move about in such small groups that they will likely not disrupt traffic," Mönttönen said.

The Guard Jaeger Regiment's units are Guard Battalion, Uusimaa Jaeger Battalion, Sports School and Guards Band and the Uusimaa Regional Office.

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