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Finnish ministers switch up jobs in government reshuffle

A ministerial reshuffle took place in Finnish government on Tuesday, following the election of Paula Risikko as Speaker of Parliament the previous day.

Kai Mykkänen (kok.) on valittu sisäministeriksi ja Anne-Mari Virolainen (kok.) hänen paikalleen ulkomaankauppaministeriksi kokoomuksen eduskuntaryhmän kokouksessa Helsingissä 6. helmikuuta.
Kai Mykkänen and Anne-Mari Virolainen. Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

Until the beginning of this week Risikko was Finland's Interior Minister, and the National Coalition Party's (NCP) parliamentary group announced on Tuesday that her post would be filled by Kai Mykkänen, who is Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.

Mykkänen's vacant post of foreign trade minister will be filled by Anne-Mari Virolainen, who has been an MP since 2007.

Virolainen is vice chair of the NCP and chair of parliament's foreign policy committee.

When the Finns Party splintered last June, the NCP became the second-largest group in the Parliament, paving the way for it to appoint more MPs to influential positions. Instead of replacing Risikko's Interior Minister post with another MP, the NCP decided to update several ministerial posts.

Chair of the NCP, Kalle Jokinen said there are many government posts that need to be filled within a couple of weeks, saying there are about 30 positions that will be changed up, including ones on committees.

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