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Finnish paper industry workers get 3.5% pay raise over next 2 years

Workers in Finland's paper sector are about to get a bump in their salaries. The Paper Workers' Union and the Forest Industries Federation reached agreement on wages on Friday following months of negotiations.

Materiaalikone lastaa koivua UPM:n Kymin Sellutehtaalla.
Timber bundle being moved a crane. Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

The Finnish Forest Industries Federation and the Paper Workers' Union have reached agreement on paper worker wage hikes.

Paper worker salaries will be raised by 1.8 percent the first year and then by 1.7 percent the following year.

The terms of agreement, which go into effect next week, will remain in effect for two years, according to a Paper Union post on its website.

Members of the paper union are reportedly pleased with the salary hike deal, but had not yet publicly commented on the deal. The union is expected to comment about the wage deal after a scheduled board meeting next week.

The Forest Industries Federation, however, said the new deal enables paper firms to hire non-unionised workers in cleaning and security positions.

Also, by using local agreements, outside labour can also be used for warehouse and logistics positions.

The ban on working overtime - one of the paper union's demands - is no longer in effect.

As recently as last week a paper mill owned by forestry firm UPM in the town of Valkeakoski was forced to shut down due to the ban on overtime.

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