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Finnish postal fees set to increase

Posti will raise the price of sending letters and cards in August, but heavier mail will become cheaper.

Postin lajittelukeskus.
From August 30, Posti will divide letters into four weight classes instead of the previous six. Image: Mikko Koski / Yle

Finland's national postal service Posti announced plans on Tuesday to increase the price of mailing letters or cards domestically.

In addition to the price rise set to be introduced nationwide at the end of August, letters will be divided into four weight classes instead of the previous six, the company said.

"More and more stamps are being purchased elsewhere than Posti's own outlets, such in as grocery stores, kiosks and Posti's online store. The benefit of this change will be a clearer price list," explained Tuija Åkerman of Posti's consumer services.

The cost of sending a domestic card or letter weighing up to 50 grams will now start at 1.60 euros when the changes come into effect - a 10-cent price increase. The cost of sending Christmas cards will go up by 5 cents to 1.10 euros. Prices for other small letters will also increase by 5 to 10 cents.

Price reduction for heavier post

At the same time, Posti said it will reduce charges for delivering heavier pieces of mail. In the heaviest category between 1,001 and 2,000 grams, the domestic price will be 9.60 euros, which represents a price reduction of 5.40 euros.

"Finnish customers spend on average less than 20 euros per year on letters. The price changes will mean an increase of about one euro per year, "Åkerman said in the press release.

A huge decline in the volume of mail deliveries over recent years has led Posti to cut hundreds of jobs in an attempt to save at least 150 million euros over the next three years.

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