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Finnish president buys lakeside cottage, paper reports

The asking price for the 100-square-metre log cabin in southern Finland was 400,000 euros, according to tabloid paper Ilta-Sanomat.

Tasavallan presidentti Sauli Niinistön ja rouva Jenni Haukion vierailu Vaasassa alkoi Yrityskylästä.
File photo of Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and his wife Jenni Haukio in Vaasa last month. Image: Elina Kaakinen/Yle

On Monday newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reported that Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has purchased a lakeside cottage in Lohja, a municipality in southern Finland, about 60km west of Helsinki.

The property's main structure is a modest 100-square-metre log cabin with views of the lake and was purchased by the president on 6 November, according to the paper.

The property's real estate listing, which has since been taken offline, said the house features a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom with an indoor sauna. There’s a lakefront sauna building on the property, as well.

The asking price for the property was 400,000 euros, according to the paper.

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Mies makaa laiturilla.
File photo of Finnish lakeside dock. Image: Kaisa Siren / AOP

Before the sale, the cottage was reportedly rented out to travelers. As recently as last Sunday it was still possible to rent the cabin at a rate of 250 euros per day via the online travel site Tripadvisor.

When it was still being rented out, the presentation of the cottage's background included details about the property's history, according to the paper.

Before it was turned into a rental property the site was owned by a family with many children who played in the yard.

The lakeside sauna was used late into the night before sauna-goers ran into the lake for a dip to cool off post-steam. The sauna building was previously topped with a peat roof upon which strawberries grew, the paper reported.

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