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Finnish president directs surplus campaign funds to charity

Sauli Niinistö is donating most of his leftover 2018 campaign money to help underprivileged youths.

Opiskelija opiskelemassa matematiikkaa Kuopion Lyseon lukiossa
Leftover campaign money bought student essentials. Image: Sami Takkinen / Yle

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö donated some 200,000 euros of his campaign's remaining 300,000 euros to Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, which will channel the funds towards youth education and employment.

The donation aimed to support young people’s vocational and high school studies whose families were struggling financially. The donation bought 137 students books, computers, calculators and other necessary gear.

Sauli Niinistö’s 2018 presidential campaign cost 1.3 million euros. In total, he drew some 1.5 million euros in contributions, leaving around 300,000 euros for initiatives supporting marginalised youth as outlined in the rules of the Suomi 2024 association supporting his re-election efforts.

The 2024 group also granted 80,000 euros to the Scouts of Finland.

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