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Finnish Red Cross Aid Delivered to Tunisia

A cargo plane which left Finland Saturday night, carrying one of the largest consignments of relief supplies ever dispatched by the Finnish Red Cross, arrived in Tunisia late Sunday morning.

Telttoja tiheässä toistensa lomassa Tunisian Punaisen ristin leirillä
Tunisian Punaisen Ristin ja UNHCR:n pakolaisleiri Tunisian ja Libyan välisellä rajalla 2011. Image: EPA/ CIRO FUSCO

Arrival of the plane and its cargo was delayed by a stop-over in Palermo, Italy, caused by massive congestion at Tunis airport.

The Finnish Red Cross aid consignment consists of around 100 tonnes of tents, blankets and much needed heating equipment intended for use in a camp temporarily housing people who have fled the unrest in Libya.

At present, the Finnish Red Cross also has 14 workers on assignment in Tunisia.

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