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Finnish Sisu pastille production to transfer to Italy

The Leaf Confectionary company is looking to close its factory in Aura, south-west Finland. Some 140 workers are currently employed at the Aura plant, and all of them are now threatened with redundancy.

Sisu-pastilleja pakkaushihnalla.
Image: Tuuli Toivanen / Yle

Workers at the plant have been told that production of the famous Sisu pastilles is likely to move to Italy.

The sweets are named for the unique Finnish word that roughly translates as perseverance, bravery, rationality and strength of will in the face of adversity which is said to define the national character.

The decision follows the merger of Leaf with the Swedish firm Cloetta in December 2011. The company says that the planned Aura closure will help it reduce over-capacity. The company is aiming to reduce costs to cope with a mature and competitive market.

The company’s analysis shows that closing the Gävle and Alingsås factories in Sweden, and outsource and consolidate warehousing facilities in Denmark and Sweden, would produce large cost reductions.

Sisu pastilles were first produced in Turku in 1928, before production moved to Aura in 1973.

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