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Finnish soldiers involved in 20-minute gunfight in Afghanistan

Finnish troops and Afghan officials were attacked by rebel fighters in northern Afghanistan on Saturday. The troops were unharmed and the assailants had not been apprehended on Sunday evening, according to the troop’s commander.

Finnish military personnel and Afghan security officials came under gunfire in northern Afghanistan on Saturday.

The attack went on for some twenty minutes, commander Pekka Kortelainen told Yle from a military base in Mazar-i-Sharif. Kortelainen said that the attackers were rebels, and had not yet been apprehended on Sunday evening.

The Afghan officials and Finnish soldiers were travelling in a transport convoy when they were fired upon. The eight Finnish soldiers and fifteen Afghan security officials were on an advisory training mission.

“The Finnish soldiers returned fire and managed to move away from the fighting zone,” Kortelainen said.

None of the officials or the soldiers were injured during the gunfight.

”This is not an uncommon turn of events, but we are all glad to be in one piece,” Kortelainen said.

Finnish troops last came under fire in the same area of Afghanistan in April.

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