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Finnish startup aims to make the world a quieter place

One of the biggest stereotypes about Finns is that they truly appreciate silence. A Finnish startup tech firm aims to export the sweet, blissful stuff in the form of active noise-reducing earplugs - and the world seems to be listening.

QuietOnin vastamelukorvatulpat korvissa
QuietOn earplugs are electronic, but unlike other noise-cancelling earplugs, they don’t play music or any other sounds, they simply create silence. Image: Antti Pylväs / Yle

The Oulu-based startup QuietOn, which is set to debut its electronic noise-reducing earplugs will soon reach the end of a successful fundraising campaign on the crowd sourcing site

While the QuietOn earplugs are electronic, unlike other noise cancelling earphones, they don’t play music or any other sounds, they simply eliminate them. 

QuietOn founder and inventor Janne Kyllönen says the gadget are good for light sleepers, air travelers or anyone who needs a bit of peace and quiet in noisy situations.

The company’s initial funding goal on indiegogo was just over 45,000 euros but widespread interest from thousands of people from 80 countries has so far raised nearly 330,000 euros.

Kyllönen says that he and the rest of the year-old company were secretly hoping for such enthusiasm, but even they were surprised by the pace of interest in the devices.

QuietOn is slated to go into preproduction this month and later mass production is planned. Indiegogo supporters who bought the devices should begin receiving their earplugs in June.

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