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Finnish summer: Short and sweet

July is peak vacation time in Finland. Here are 10 fast facts for the beach (bundle up) – and suggestions for further summery reading.

Three times more people in Finland take holidays in July than any other month.

Jalanjäljet hiekassa.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

The average Finnish household spends 1,300 euros during a month of vacation, or about 65 euros a day.

Siniristi-isännänviiri salossa.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

The weather is statistically optimum during the school holidays (June through early/mid-August). If the dates were shifted to later as some suggest, there would be more rainy days on average.

Metsämansikoita heinänkorressa.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Strawberries symbolise the Nordic summer. Studies indicate they can slow ageing and support coronary health.

Mansikoita lähikuvassa.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Did you know that there are about 200 seeds on the surface of each strawberry?

Aurinkovarjo Yyterin hiekkadyyneillä.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Even in the shade, your skin is exposed to half the UV radiation on a bright day.

Miehen varjo nurmikolla.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Sunblock is always recommended, but especially if your shadow appears longer than your body.

Mehujäitä ja hedelmäpaloja tarjottimella.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Ice cream was first made from snow and fruit juice in China 3,000 years ago.

Lapsi nuolaisee jäätelötötteröä.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Each year, the average person in Finland eats over 12 litres of ice cream – more than a bucketful.

Uimareita uimarannalla.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Can you swim? One in three adults in Finland cannot.

Varpaat polskuttelee vedessä.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

If you can swim 200 metres, 50 of those on your back, you're officially classified as being able to swim.

Tikkataulu lähikuvassa.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

One in 10 people in Finland owns a summer cottage. Only six percent of them are under 40, though.

Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

Some 130,000 lightning-bolts strike the country each year, but only six people have been killed by lightning since 2000.

Synkkä auringonlasku meren yllä.
Image: Nella Nuora / Yle

What's the world's shortest joke? The Finnish summer. That's why the locals treasure each day of it.

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