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Finnkino bans snacks bought elsewhere

The popular cinema chain's customers will have to buy Finnkino's own food instead.

Finnkino elokuvateatterin kyltti Flamingossa, Vantaalla.
According to new instructions, Finnkino attendees may only munch on products purchased from the company's stores. Image: Eleni Paspatis / Yle

In an unexpected move, Finland's largest cinema chain Finnkino is banning customers from eating their own snacks when attending its theatres.

According to guidance from Finnkino, cinemagoers should "only enjoy products purchased from our stores or Oscar's bar" and are urged to "leave other meals outside the theatre."

Speaking to Helsingin Sanomat, Finnkino's Commercial Director Hannele Wolf-Mannila hinted that the move was an attempt to cover the drop in turnover caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nonetheless, it is expected that the ban will remain in force even after the pandemic. "This is a new thing for our customers, so we'll try to provide guidance and tell about it in good time," said Wolf-Mannila.

Staff will ensure that the new regulations are followed by keeping an eye on customers however "if there are any health reasons for bringing your own snacks, then of course you can take them with you," Wolf-Mannila added.

Defending the move, Finnkino said it had expanded the selection of food available on its premises, with some theatres also offering hot meals. Finnkino also said it aimed to expand its snack selection in line with customer feedback.

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