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Finns learn to strike a pose

Voguing is the latest craze to hit Finnish dance schools. Women, in particular, are drawn to the dance form's glamorous moves.

striking a pose
Dancers strike a pose. Image: YLE

Voguing has gained mainstream popularity in Finland over the past few years. Today there are not enough classes to accommodate the hordes of students who want to strike a pose.

Women are especially drawn to the dance style, which is characterized by model-like poses integrated with angular body movements.

Inspired by Vogue magazine, the dance traces its roots to New York, coming out of Harlem's gay club scene in the 1970s and 80s. Pop star Madonna's 1990 song and video Vogue made the dance mainstream.

"It has surprised everyone that it has become such a hit, but then again all other forms of street dance are masculine. Voguing lets women be women," says Jouni Janatuinen of the Finnish Street Dance Federation.

Enthusiasts recently staged Europe's first Vogue dance competition. But voguing is also returning to its roots and attracting male dancers in clubs. Last month a gay nightclub in Helsinki put on Finland's first Vogue ball, where dancers took the stage to show off their illustrious moves.

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