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Finns' Party expels municipal councillor

The governing board of the Finns' Party on Saturday struck Tommi Rautio, a member of the Köyliö municipal council, from its rolls. The moved came in the wake of offensive Facebook postings about ethnic minorities.

Calls for Rautio to be expelled from the party came after he commented on a shooting in Oulu in which the two victims were of immigrant backgrounds. He wrote that he would give a medal to the gunman and would base such an award on "the ongoing war".

The local Finns' Party organization suspended Tommi Rautio's membership last Sunday and banned him from any local party activities.

Finns' Party Satakunta district chairman Seppo Toriseva told YLE that a new meeting of the local party branch will be held confirming Rautio expulsion. Thereafter, he will serve on the Köyliö municipal council as an independent.

The party's governing board on Saturday also issued strong warnings to two members in the Pirkanmaa region who have made offensive postings on Facebook. One, according to Toriseva, concerned the Roma minority.

"Expulsion will come if these postings continue. It doesn't matter if even more people leave [the party]," Toriseva summed up.

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